We are using Tandem since Oct 2022.


We are trying to be a remote company. While we prefer written communication, some things still is done best over calls. Discussing ideas for example. Getting feedback on design, code etc. Asking for help in some cases.

Of course all ideas should be in writing. Of course all feedback should be in writing. Of course all questions about help should be in writing. And we will work towards that, if we are doing chat/calls to avoid these writings, then we are failing. If you had an idea, do write up the idea, and then get on a call to hear the feedback. You must also then update your written idea based on the feedback, or note down the feedback during the call. If you are giving design feedback, there should be written summary of what was discussed on call. If you call someone some for help, unless it is early days in using the technology or there should be again written record.

Written records help company massively. Also they are easy to trace, so as a company we are trying to do these things, meaning you should personally look at yourself and ask yourself how many written communications, discussions you are having. If none, you should take this up in one on one meeting and try to get it addressed.

Why Not Slack Huddle?

We used to use Slack’s Huddle feature. But moved to Tandem becasue we feel Tandem is better than Huddle. if I initiate a call with someone, they can start hearing me as soon as I press the button, this way it is a bit more like a walkie talkie, and reflects better how we do things in offline offices, where I can just walk up to someone start talking.

Further, Huddles are private, but in Tandem, anyone can join any ongoing meeting, without existing people inviting you, this is also much closer to how offline offices function. One can always lock the meeting if they want to discuss sensitive/private stuff.


Disabled Chat

Date: 5th Apr 2023

Disabled the chat feature in Tandem.

Officially Started Using Tandem

Date: 15th Nov 2022

Entire team was invited on Tandem.

Started Tandem POC

Date: Around 20th Oct 2022

Initially we did an experiment with just AmitU, Arpita and AbrarK. We used be logged at the start of the day.