What is Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)?

Teeth Cleaning / Scaling or Oral Prophylaxis is simply a procedure of removing yellow and brown deposits on and around our teeth. It is a very essential part of maintaining our oral and general health.

Most of us won’t be knowing that our mouth is the mirror of our general health. By examining the oral cavity we can get to know a lot about someone’s health, the diseases they have, the medications they are taking and a lot more. And the most important thing, the germs in our mouth can cause various kind of illness in our oral cavity as well as in our whole body ranging from fever, septicemia to serious illness like heart diseases.So, maintaining a good oral hygiene is really important for all of us.

We dentists are observing that our Indian population is carrying a major myth about teeth cleaning or scaling procedure. And the myth is - “Cleaning teeth or Scaling make our teeth weak and they become mobile and ultimately fall at an early age”.

There’s a big “NO” for this myth. “NO, THE TEETH DO NOT BECOME WEAK AND FALL BECAUSE OF CLEANING OR SCALING” Instead, our teeth become healthy and strong!

The explanation to this goes as follows, in layman terms. when our teeth are dirty, when there are a lot of yellow and brown deposits on and around our teeth, the bacterial growth and multiplication is going on rapidly in our oral cavity in those deposits. As these bacteria grow, they produce acids and some other harmful metabolic products which in turn cause decay and dissolution of our teeth and the bone surrounding the teeth. These products keep on dissolving the bone and gradually the bone that holds and supports our teeth dissolves and our teeth become weak, they become mobile and ultimately they fall. So, in order to prevent our teeth from becoming weak and falling, we should always maintain our oral hygiene by getting our teeth cleaned by dentists, being regular in two time brushing the teeth and using other oral hygiene aids like dental floss, mouthwash,etc.

Therefore, we can see how 1) these deposits spoil our teeth and bones, 2) teeth cleaning or scaling is always helpful and never harmful for our teeth and also 3) it keeps our body healthy.

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What is Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)?

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