What are Invisible Braces?

Yes, we all desire to have a beautiful smile and we all have heard of dental braces, the wires and brackets to correct our crooked teeth fulfilling our desires of beautiful smile. But as we know the braces are so repulsive, so uncomfortable and so disturbing that its very difficult for us to tolerate them. So, again with the union of medical science and our latest technologies we have come up with a new system for correcting the crooked or malaligned teeth and these are what we call as The Invisible braces or the ALIGNERS. Clearpath and Invisalign are the two world famous aligner fabricators.

The aligners also exert the same amount of forces as the traditional braces and cause tooth movements. In aligner treatment we provide a set of aligners which are like strong transparent plastic trays which snugly fit over all the teeth and the patient has to wear them. The set may contain 10-25 aligners depending upon the severity of the case. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks and then the patient moves on to the next aligner. Each aligner causes a very little amount of tooth movement, and gradually the teeth keep on moving as the patient wears the whole series of aligner. The pt has to wear the aligner for at least 20 hrs a day. It will be removed only for eating, brushing and flossing. And finally when the teeth attain the desired position, we give retainers. The total treatment time may range from 8 months to 2 years.

Aligners are given only after completion of the growth phase, so its given in adults only and not in children. A proper diagnosis of the case with proper treatment plan is needed by an expert doctor. A series of photographs both intraoral and extroral, radiographs, teeth models and bite registration are required to make the diagnosis and to check the feasibility of your case with the aligners.

Nobody knows and your crooked teeth become straight and smile beautiful :)

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