Repo Checks 🚧

Fifthtry guidelines which are followed for every repository (historical or current) in the following official GitHub organizations:

  • fifthtry
  • fastn-stack
  • fastn-community
Overall goal is to create a standard for all repos that are part of FifthTry as an company.

Repo Classifications

Based on the components the repo’s can be classified as followings:

Common Repo Checks

There are some common settings that each repo from all classifications and organizations must have.

Following are the labels we add once a repo is verified.


Based on the classification of repo (repo classifications are mentioned in this file) this label must be present.


This label will be applied to a repo if it was verified in March 2023.


If main branch is protected.
  • Require a pull request before merging
  • Require status checks to pass before merging
  • Require conversation resolution before merging
  • Require signed commits
  • Do not allow bypassing the above settings


General Settings:

  • Require contributors to sign off on web-based commits should be on
  • Wikis should be off
  • Issues should be on
  • Sponsorship should be off
  • Preserve this repo should be on
  • Discussions should be on
  • Projects should be off
  • Pull request: all this should be on
  • Always suggest updating pull request branches should be on
  • Allow auto-merge should be on
  • Automatically delete head branches should be on
  • Include Git LFS objects in archives should be on
  • Limit how many branches and tags can be updated in a single push should be on with 5 as value

Collaboration Settings:

Each organisation will have two teams: admins and everyone.

  • Collaborators and teams -> Manage Access: Team: admins -> Role: Admin, Team: everyone -> Role: Write

Moderation Options -> Reported Content:

  • Accept content reports from collaborators and prior contributors should be on.
Code security and analysis:
  • Private vulnerability reporting should be enabled
  • Dependabots -> Dependabot alerts should be enabled
  • Dependabot security updates


These checks are for code repos, like fastn-stack/fastn.


  • Repo name must end with -font
  • Repo name must have same name as the font-name
  • Repo license must be same as the font license


typography repo