Project guidelines

At FifthTry, we place a high value on effective communication with our partner teams throughout the entire project lifecycle. We have established specific guidelines and processes to deliver the projects with speed without affecting the quality. The overall goal is to have a defined process from the start to the delivery of the project.

We do not believe it is a good practice to share the updates on the delivery date. The process helps us to deliver the project while keeping our partners informed and updated on a regular basis.To achieve this, we are following the staged delivery where we came up with following Priority Stages:
  • Stage 1: Create all the URLs
  • Stage 2: Put all the Content
  • Stage 3: Component Structure
  • Stage 4: Documentation
  • Stage 5: Implementation
  • Stage 6: Mobile Optimization

Stage 1: Create all the URLs

In stage 1, with or without content, the team priortises on creating all the URLs for that project. That includes creating all the pages and configuring them using sitemap.

The question to answer at this stage is, do we have all the URLs working for the project?

Stage 2: Put all the Content

At this stage, we put all the content including images for all the URLs and verify the content is pixel to pixel matched.

We do UI review with three stages of reviews: developer review, assigned person’s review and peer review.

The question to answer is, do we have all the content for every URL created in stage 1?
After the Stage 2 is complete, the project is Ready to Deploy. We can ask the partner teams to deploy the project and we can continue with the remaining stages.

Stage 3: Component Structure

We create components that are used in the the project which follows the Component Standards.

Stage 4: Documentation

At this stage, we aim to complete the documentation which itself follows the FTD Documentation Standards.

Stage 5: Implementation

In this stage, specific to Desktop version, we inspect it everything has been implemented as required.

Stage 6: Mobile Optimization

It is not a rule that mobile optimization cannot be done in previous stages, but this stage verifies and answers the question, is the mobile optimization ready and working properly?

These stages not only help us to deliver the project with accuracy but with conviction that we have followed a process and the partner teams get to see entire project lifecycle.

Our commitment to open and transparent communication is an essential component of our overall approach to project management and delivery.