Why Become A Web Services Company Partner?

fastn is an upcoming technology that is gaining early traction in the market. FifthTry has already conducted training sessions, meetups, and sponsored hackathons, among other activities. A community is starting to form around it on Discord servers and among GitHub users.

Check out how to become part of the FifthTry partner network.

fastn Helps You Lower Cost

Learning fastn takes lot less time compared to learning React/JavaScript, non developers with no prior programming experience routinely become producting fastn developers in under a month, and developers take a few days to become productive with it.

This ease allows web services companies to hire from a larger pool of developers, makes it easier for them onboard new developers and helps bring the cost down.

Growing fastn Component Libraries And Reusable Packages

FifthTry, and fastn community is constantly developing and open sourcing component libraries that allows website builders to quickly create good looking, responsive, optimised websites.

A Green Field Market

fastn is just starting to grow, and demand for fastn developers and fastn expert outsourcing companies are growing with it. This allows early adoprter companies to join early and create a name for themselves before it becomes more widespread.

FifthTry and fastn.io Referrals

A lot of people who learn about the technology come to us asking if we can develop the their websites or webapps using fastn. Often they are on our documentation page and they like what they see but do not have time or bandwidth to do it themselves, and want to try out something quick.

This is where our partner network comes in. FifthTry, the company behind fastn has no interest in becoming a services company, we are interested in creating the best technology out-there. Any demand that comes our way, we refer them to companies in our partner network.