How To Become WSC Partner?

FifthTry is building a new technology fastn for building websites, and is running a partner program and is creating a network of high quality, hand picked web services partners. FifthTry strives to train partners to deliver the highest quality solutions, incorporating the best practices of using fastn. The core fastn development and documentation and training material teams work closely with partners to certify them based on our standards.

Learn about why you should join FifthTry partner network.

Certification Program

To become a partner you will have to allocate at least one frontend developer to learn fastn and become a certified fastn developer. As an early promotional offer FifthTry provides training and certification facility free of cost.

Our trainers will guide your developer through video courses, written documentation, live Zoom sessions, and take them through a series of exercises and modules to help them learn the technology inside out.

The training program if of 2 week duration for frontend developers comportable with React or similar frameworks. And of 1 month for apriring developers who have no prior JavaScript experience.

Quality Assurances

To become a partner your company will also have to understand our quality standards, you will learl how to evaluate the fastn code developed by your developers, and also the best practices on how to deploy them, maintain them over extended period of time.

We will do a workshop on quality and maintenance as well.

Get In Touch

Please reach out to us on to let us know you are interested in becoming a partner.