Starting Out with fastn

Welcome aboard! We are happy to have you. 🎉

Here are the first few instructions that will help you to kick-start your journey with us.

  • Join the Discord server: fastn-stack

  • Start with the Expander Course: Click Here

    • The course will help you to get accustomed with the simple syntax of fastn language
    • You will get some concept level understanding, that will help you in your journey
    • By the end of this course, you will have your first fastn package on GitHub
  • For any fastn related doubts, issues or queries, use the Discord channel #ask-for-help

  • Once to complete the project eg: Expander, post it on #share-your-work

  • Checkout the best-practices to make high standard code: Click Here

  • To know the details of all the Discord channels: Click Here