Full Time Employee Joining Formalities

Accepting Offer

The recruitment process ends with offer cum employment letter. You can review and send the digitally signed letter back, along with final joining date, to accept the offer.

Laptop Procurement

Day before hiring team ensures they have access to the laptop that is going to be handed over to the new employee.


Once offer is accepted, on the joining date one time physical presence is required. We require physical or digital copy of the following documents:

  • educational certifcates
  • govt approved identity card (aadhar, passport, etc)
  • tax card (PAN for Indian citizens)

We require bank details where salary would be transferred.

For each of these documents a physical signatre would be required. Employee will also have to sign the offer-cum-employment letter that is

Official Email Address

On the same day the hiring team will create the official email address.


The employee will be handed over the laptop. Employee will sign a “Allocation Challan”, with the laptop’s serial number.

Common Accounts

  • Discord
    • add to ft-zens role
  • Tandem