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One of the goals of fifthtry is to organise education content for the world for self learners. Internet is full of educational content, free and paid. But it’s really hard to go on a self learning path.

The goal of Project Primer is to help solve self learning. You know nothing and want to become a Google DevOps? Open a car repair shop? Do your tax calculation?


We are kind of misusing this term here, its typically used only for “higher education”. Degree represents something you can learn over a period of time. Ideally you are working on a single degree at a time.

Technically “Google DevOps” or “AC repair person” is not a degree, but we are calling it degree till we get a better name.

Getting a degree qualifies you to do something substantial in life, ideally change your career, but can also be non-vocational too, eg degree in fine arts?

At fifthtry anyone will be able to create a degree. Degrees can be free or paid. For now free.

Courses or Tracks

A degree is composed of courses. A typical Bachelor of Technology offered by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay for example has 8 semesters with each semester having 4-5 courses, so about 30-40 courses are a degree.

The courses are a sort of a “graph”, some courses will be dependent on other courses, meaning you can take this course only after finishing another course.

When you create a degree your job is to build this graph of courses.

Anyone can create a course or a track. Courses can be free or paid.


A course is a “track” of concepts. A concept is an atomic unit of learning. Either you know the concept or you do not.

When you are creating a course or a track, you are laying down a series concepts that are part of that course or track.

On fifthtry, the concepts are organised in a table of content format, so you can use organisational “concepts” like “chapters”, “sections” etc.

concept-title and Concept Page

Anyone can create a concept. Each concept has a primary id: the title.

For each concept a page on fifthtry. On this page people can add, discover and rate concept-material and concept-quiz.

Concept page will have URLs like


concept-material is the “learning material” for that concept.

Each material is a link to some existing content available anywhere on internet, or created on fifthtry. material can be YouTube video, a text based tutorial, a presentation, even a game.

People can rate the applicability of material with the concept.


This is a self assessment question for the concept. A concept-quiz is composed of a title, question, possibly multiple choices, the answer, and evaluation notes. Anyone should be able to take the quiz and self evaluate themselves, or someone they are mentoring/teaching.

Anyone can submit a concept-quiz and people can vote on it.

concept dependencies

To learn a concept you may already need to know some other concepts, called concept dependencies.

People can add concept dependencies for a concept on the concept page and they can be rated too. Only direct dependencies for a concept are called concept dependencies.

concept and course

When creating a track or a course, the course creator has to select the concepts that want to add, and in which order. Further course creator has to specify the title for the concept at it can be called different things in different course, the concept-material and concept-quizzes they want to be part of the course or track.

student tracker

Anyone who has enrolled into a degree will have a student tracker, this will track your progress in all degrees. It will also show you where the average position of all students who have enrolled for that degree during same period as the given student.

The student tracker can be shared with parents, coaches, or even future employers etc, so people can see how you progressed, how much time you spent learning, which will act as a kind of substitute for “actual degree”.

When viewing a degree or a course, the student tracker can show how much student already knows about that course or degree as concept-assessment is shared for all material belonging to same concept.

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