How to setup continuous documentation for your Github Repo

Continuous Documentation, cDoc helps you keep your documentation up to date with your changing code by blocking pull requests from getting merged till documentation has been written and approved.

Congratulations on taking a step towards better documentation for your team! Improving documentation is the highest return on investment activity you can do to make you team more productive and happy! If you are trying to be remote company, documentation is one of most crucial factors in success as a remote company, if you believe Gitlab!

In this post we will help you configure it for your repositories so you can start using it right away.

cDoc can be used via FifthTry, a SAAS offering, or you can download the open source cDoc source code and deploy it on your infrastructure from The easiest way to try out cDoc to see if it good for your team, is to use our SAAS offering, which is FREE, no credit card required till you have crossed a certain usage threshold. You can checkout continuous documentation pricing page for more details.

Head over to

In this video you saw how quickly you can set up Continuous Documentation by visiting homepage, and clicking on the “Sign Up” button:
Click 1: Click On Signup On

Install Continuous Documentation Github App

This will take you to Continuous Documentation Github App where you can click on the “Install” or “Configure” button.
Click 2: Install Our Github App
Click 3: Select The Account You Want To Install It On

Grant Us Access To Your Repos

Once installed you have to grant access to your Github repositories you want to use with Continuous Documentation.
Click 4: Grant Access - Preferably To “All Repositories”
Some people prefer giving access to all their repositories so repositories created in future are also available on FifthTry for you to use. Else in future you they have to go back to Github App and grant access to more repos. We respect your privacy, and we will never share access to data you give to use with third parties, and we will take utmost precautions to keep them safe.

Connect Your Doc Repo With You Code Repo

Once you grant us access, Github will redirect you to back to, where you will find the repositories you have granted us access to.
You Are Back to

The way continuous documentation, cDoc, works right now is by storing your code in one Github repository, and storing the documentation of that code in another Github repository. Learn more about our doc in git workflow.

You have to “connect” your code and doc repository next. You can locate your repository using search if you have too many repos:
Find Your Awesome Repo
Find every code repository on FifthTry you want to use cDoc on, and click on Connect button:
Click 5: Connect Your Code Repo with You Doc Repo
You will now have to chose if the repo you are trying to connect is code repo or a documentation repo:
Click 6: Chose If This Is Code Or Doc Repo
Once you have decided if its code or doc repo, you have to select among your other repos which is the corresponding doc or code repo. We currently only support one to one mapping between code and doc repo.
Click 7: Chose If Corresponding Repo
And that’s it! You have activated cDoc on your repo.
You are all done!
Now any PR that gets created on that repo will be blocked till documentation has been written and approved. Learn how to use the PR workflow on a day to day basis.