How to make http requests in Realm?

Release Date: 19-Feb-2020


Current Realm have a variety of ways to do backend requests, sometimes using Realm provided facilities, and sometimes using elm/http.

The key problems with this scattered approach:

With standardisation we also get a major benefit: we pave way for service worker based offline support at Realm level. Every GET request made using method described here get auto cached and will work when offline.

This project is about standardising every backend request scenario.

We have identified two key modes.


You submit a form, get back API error (to update the form in current page), or a page as response, to be rendered. For example login page, it shows a form, you submit, you either get form error (error against each field), or you should get the next page.


You call an API, get field error or json response. This is less preferred: all data should be loaded with the page comes. If you are implementing search etc, prefer Page Or Error mode, keep going to next page, instead of calling backend api and generating page.

What would be good use case for this mode? At fifthtry we use this mode for as you type username check in create username flow. We do not want to interrupt the user’s typing, so we can not do PageOrError, so we do this instead.

Network And Other Errors

In the above two modes, we have an error handler path, which receives error messages for server error. Eg a login form normally gets error messages against fields "username" or "password", but it can also receive error against "__all__", which represents string representation of network or server error.

One point to note is that in most cases you do not want to handle this error. You want to have a global app error handler, which features retry etc, so you do not have to build it in all your forms.

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How to make http requests in Realm?


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