Double Load Issue

Realm has, what I call, “transparent offline” feature. With this feature, all realm apps are offline enabled, meaning the realm websites are work even when internet is not available. Further, this feature helps improve the speed perception, as when a page is requested by user, even when internet is there, its served via service worker from local cache (if found), and app is initialised, so users can start seeing with cached data, and in background a request is sent to fetch the latest version of the page, which comes after a second or so, and the app is re-initialised.

While this works great, it causes an issue on initial page load. The issue manifests when the cached app is loaded, and then after a second of so fresh app is loaded. If during the first load the UI changed after load, either automatically (eg scroll to some position), or due to user events, during the reload the user sees a jarring re-initialization of UI, and can even lose data, if user had already typed something for example.

Table Of Content

What is Realm?

A Bit On Motivation

Routing is Hard

What does Realm do?

Backend Data And Type Safety


Quick Start Realm Tutorial

In Depth Tutorial (not ready)

Hello Rust
Hello Elm
Hello Static Files
Hello Server Side Rendering
Pre-Commit Hooks

Routing, Request And Response

Frontend, Data, Navigation, And APIs

How To Guides

File Upload

Backend: S3 File Upload
Authenticated File Serving
Frontend: Uploading Files From Elm

How to use storybook?

How to implement “loading..”?









Environment Variables

Internals - Only for Realm Developers, not Users

“Realm DATA”
iFrame Controller
Shutdown Routine
Testing Internals

Change Log

Get Realm Starter Working

Transparent Offline Feature

How to make http requests in Realm?


Replay Testing

Tutorial: ToDo App

Realm Testing

Enhance Realm Starter

Double Load Issue

Deploy To Heroku Button

End failure

Realm-Starter Github Template

Proposal: Tracker And Visit

Proposal: Activity Store

Proposal: Bundling

Proposal: Retry On Network Error

Storybook: Editable JSON

Storybook: Notes

Storybook: Reference



Change Log

How to Publish


Code Snippets

Skip rustfmt For Some Section

Close Modal Dialog When Clicked Outside

Ignoring Lints In Python

Ignoring Lints (clippy and rustc warnings) In Rust

Handle DateTime in Rust & Elm

Handle CiText value read in Rust

Transport Enum Type to and fro Rust/Elm through JSON