Rust: Or Type

This is a proposal for Rust to add a new construct: “or type”. We can also call them “anonymous enum”.

fn main() {
    // to define "or type" or "anonymous enum".
    let x: i32 or String = 10;

    match x {
        i: i32 => {
        s: String => {

Compiler can also figure out somethings eg:

fn foo() -> i32 {

fn main() {
    let x: i32 or String = foo();

Not only it saves us from creating one off enums, it also allows pattern that are not possible with explicit enums:

fn foo() -> i32 or String {

fn main() {
    let x: i32 or String or i64 = foo();

Not sure what the complications could be.

Prior work: anonymous sum types, don’t like their syntax, reem: anonymous enums, pretty much what I wanted, scialex: anonymous enums, also pretty similar. Also this thread on rust internals.

Seems people are split on should match be allowed, I prefer that, I prefer there was no trait complication, we do not put trait in enum as well, only concrete types. I also prefer A or B not having any way to implement anything, anything implemented by both A and B is already implemented on A or B. Some other people feel it should only be traits and no match: with that I believe its already possible today since impl Trait landed.

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