John O’Nolan started in 2013, an open source blogging platform, and is currently (2020) doing close to $2M/y in revenues, after x years in business, currently has a team of 15 people. He did not want a “great revolutionary idea”, a billion dollar company, but a good idea that he likes, and can work on his own pace.

Its an inspiring story, but there is a critical aspect which may be easy to overlook:

Ghost is born out of being very deeply rooted in the entire “blogging industry” for many years before it actually launched. So I started out as a freelance web designer/developer and over the years found myself working mostly in WordPress. Based on what my clients wanted.

He was already a free lancer selling Wordpress, he already had clients. He simply switched from one software to another, to an existing sales channel.

He did not think of “blogging industry” and its problem in abstract, he was already working in it. He probably went on supporting his Wordpress and keeping his existing revenue, slowly switching some of them from Wordpress to Ghost.

He did not think of an idea, and then worried about how to sell it. He had a working sales channel, and he built a product he can sell.

If you think of a product you think you can sell a lot, ask yourself this question: Is there a similar product that already exists? Can you make a living taking that existing product and selling it? Or are you putting all your hopes on that “special feature”, that will suddenly make you a superstar sales man?

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