fbt: Folder Based Test-Runner

Status: Sitesh is implementing this at fifthtry/fbt.

For some projects, especially ones that work with files etc, the best way to document and to test them is via a bunch of folders containing input and output folders after a command is executed.

Consider fifthtry/dmax tests folder for example, it sub-folders like 01_basic. Each such sub folder can be considered a “test case”.

In the test case folder, eg 01_basic we have two folders, input and output, and a file cmd.txt.

This project, fifthtry/fbt, goes through each test case, and runs the command listed in cmd.txt file, with current directory set as input. It then verifies that input has become identical to output, if so test is considered passed, else its considered failed.

When running the command listed in cmd.toml, it also ensures that command exited with proper status code. This is how cmd.toml looks like:

cmd = "cat one1"
code = 1
stdout = ''
stderr = 'cat: one1: No such file or directory'

The keys [code], [stdout] and [stderr] are optional. If [code] is missing exit code is assumed to be zero. If either of [stdout] or [stderr] are missing, the stdout and stderr of the command are ignored, else they must be exactly equal to what is specified in these keys.

output folder is optional. If the folder is missing, the command is still run inside input folder, but test is considered passed or failed only depending on exit code.

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