Software and Tools I Use Often

Bartender 3

Bartender 3 is a OSX tool that declutters the systray. You can review the list of apps that have an entry in systray, and decide if you want to show or hide them. Hidden entries are available in a secondary systray that can be shown by pressing Cmd-Option-B.

Vanilla, free alternative, maybe I will try when license expires.


iStatsMenu lets you add to systray a bunch of indictors, like CPU usage, network activity and so on.

Kronos Time Tracker

Kronos is a systray app that keeps track of how long you spend on different apps/websites.

Turns out I work lot less than I imagined.

Simple Floating Clock

Simple Floating Clock shows translucent floating overlay clock on each desktop. The overlay passes the click through itself, so it doesn’t interfere with current application.


PyCharm is my go to editor for Python, Elm, Rust etc. Takes a lot of RAM but it is really productive, pleasing to eyes, and things just work.


Huge fan of nixpkgs, most of my local development environments are setup using nix.

Tip: use nix for project dependency automation/isolation. Do not try to use it for managing dot files, or operating system.


Drafts is a really simple app, for both iOS and OSX, on launch (OSX: Cmd-Shift-K opens a mini dialog), it shows an empty text entry box.

A lot of my thoughts, or quotes/tweets etc that I like, goes there, has a nice Share plugin on iOS.


Used to love Alfred’s clipboard history feature, but stopped using Alfred a while back. Paste is quite decent app, syncs between phone and desktop, has decent search/visualisation.


SnappyApp lets you take screenshots. Cool thing is, the screenshot is visible in an overlay on desktop, so often if I have to refer to something, say a table, I will snap it, and then switch tab/app, and the snap would still be visible. Any number of such snaps can be floating on the desktop at a time.


This website, is my blog, personal knowledge base tools. I manage my personal/project TODOs here, use it as wiki/markdown editor to organise my thoughts.

This website has a local syncer which I have not yet made public, and this tool would be the first software that I have built, that I use >2hrs/day daily.

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Software and Tools I Use Often


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