It’s not cool to be sorry. Think Sheldon and gifts. If you say “sorry”, I suddenly have a social obligation to tell you it’s alright, it’s not your fault and so forth till I am convinced you are not sorry anymore. Further, depending on what you have done, a “sorry” may not be enough, and maybe not be enough. So do not be sorry for what you think you may have done to me.

Here is our contract. For these things you must not be sorry about, and these things, for me to continue considering you cool, you must do instead of apologising. And then there are these things you must not do in my presence. These things I will kill you for doing.

Let’s talk about intentions for a bit. And for us to talk about intentions let’s talk about the truth, twolitics and politics instead.

These are the games. I understand the game and will respect you for playing the game. I ll play the game too. Thing about game is you must know when you are changing the game. And when game changes you must now play with the rules of the new game.

You don’t play one person’s game with another. World is not playing a game with you. There is no world. Everyone is playing a one on one game with you.

Some games are single person game, some two people, and some multiplayer games.

With some I have the game that “when they see me, they give me this warm smile”, and that brightens my day, and my game is to “do something to similarly brighten their day”. They, if they have made the “smile and brighten this suckers day” move, and if I fail to do my “brighten their day somehow” move, I must play the “grovel, apologise, do whatever to ensure they keep playing the smile and brighten my day game”. With some, we play the “if you so much as look in my general direction I will gouge your eyes out” game.

It’s just a game. You playing with everyone in the world. All the time. There is no pause. Learn the rules. The moves. The right counter move for each move. The rules of the game.

And have as much fun you can before you die.

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