We have a problem: it is not safe for women to travel on road.

This problem has a very wide scope, this page is about an attempt to tackle a subset of this problem.

It’s a mobile app: Lovelace - Named after Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer.

Note: this is just a proposal, such an app does not exist yet.

Verified Identities

Lovelace is invite only, and only verified women can create an account on. To invite someone a sister who already has an account, will create recording video intro about the sister (the intro will not contain personally identifiable information). The invite will be sent to 5 randomly selected sisters, and all of them will have to approve to get the new sister on board.

This is being done since the locations are being shared of women travelling alone in late night. The invite will include real phone number and address of people being invited. This information would not be revealed to anyone but the legal authorities in case something goes wrong. The sister inviting someone is taking personal guarantee for the sister they are inviting, they are attesting that the address and phone number correct, and that they are taking personally signing that the new sister will not share the information of the sister who would be travelling’s location and put her in danger.

“Message me when you get home”

Lovelace attempts to (slightly 😞) improve women security by emulating the “message me when you get home” pattern.

Women, and their friends, will say this when parting, and women do message, to inform them they reached home safely (were not killed on the way, what a world we live in, when women have to think about this everyday, often more than once).

The problem with one person knowing is:

Watch Group

When a sister wants to book a ride or travel with someone, they launch the app, and the phone number of who they are travelling with (if she is).

The person she is travelling with, the sister will see the trust score. The score is given by other sisters who have used the app in the past, and have travelled with the companion.

If the score is poor, or there is not enough data, sister can chose to not travel with hat companion and try to arrange another.

If she choses to go ahead, she enters the destination. Lovelace maps the route from current location to destination.

Lovelace also messages 5 sisters who are online & available right now.

Sisters can be on Lovelace, on a voluntary basis, to help out other sisters in need.

The 5 sisters who get the notification, have to accept to watch out for the travelling sister. If they are not sure, or busy, they can ignore the app alerts, or decline explicitly.

If someone declines or ignores, Lovelace waits and asks more sisters to help out.

The travelling sister watches the notification for every sister who has come to her assistance. They can message each other in the app.

Auto Alerts

Most sisters in watch group will have a life, and would not be sitting the sister travel, so Lovelace comes with auto alerts.

If the travelling sister stops midway or if the route deviates from the prescribed route, (or if battery dies or network is lost, or GPS fails etc: better to be safe) an alert is sent to travelling sister to confirm that everything is alright.

If travelling sister does not respond, an alert is sent to all watching sisters about what has happened, along with a way to call the sister and the companion to inquire about what is up.

Lovelace does not yet show any phone number to anyone, just first names, call is routed through an conferencing service so both sides see a Lovelace owned number, and not each others numbers. Phones are only for law enforcement officials.

Why This Should Provide Safety

If the companion is aware that there are 5 people watching the trip, there is small deterrence.

Further, the 5 people have not been randomly selected, but are relatively close by, on the route, so they can, if they chose to, reach the spot relatively fast.

Lovelace also has a database of police stations on the route, and closest to last known location of travelling sister, allowing it that much easier for watching sisters to reach out to law enforcement.

If Lovelace gets funds, it can hire a bunch of bikers at off hours, else men(🐶) can be allowed to volunteer: as a last resort, to reach the physical location and figure out what is going on.

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