Link Log

This is a place where I put links to things I think worth reading.

This page is sort of an hack to my personal problem: I like to read, learn, keep up to date with things. But it’s also a huge time sink. So from time to time I stop reading.

Reading was not bad, what I was reading was. I was reading stuff whose value I could not justify.

What I decided was I needed a better method to decide what to read, and after cutting the number of things I read, what is left, I want to read them well.

So this is my filter: does what I am reading deserve to be on this page.

This filter lets me want to read quality stuff, as I am kind of making myself addicted to the reward to adding a link here, which I kind of equate with doing something worthwhile for the day, else the day is wasted.

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Link Log

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Books Have Read / Recommend

Product Management Books

Badass: Making Users Awesome


Five Cs of An Organisation

Success and failure of encryption

Open Source

Observer: Observability for Rust

Realm: Web Development Framework Using Rust and Elm

MartD: Server To Browser Messages

On Writing And Formats Of Written Communications

Rust Stuff

Rust feature flags

Why is diesel not compatible with async?

Making Postgres Only Diesel Code To Also Support Sqlite

Rust Git2’s Concepts

Git Hash And Build Date In Rust Build

Systray Only Native App In Rust

Software and Tools I Use Often


DNS Over HTTPS Controversy

The Patel Motel Cartel

Standalone Complex


January 2020

Word Of The Day





Nix On OSX Catalina

Postgres: WAL / Logical Decoding

Postgres: Listen-Notify



Go All The Way

SSH Commands



Nu Shell

SHA256 vs SHA224

Pronouns Bad


Web Components

Early Return