Immobile v2

In 2002-2004 me and rg tried to build what we called immobile. It was to be a hardware attached to your telephone line, which was your server. It had a display and keyboard, and looked quite sleek..

We shut it down after building some prototypes, mobile came up, investments in hardware startup, and for that matter startups themselves were not happening in India and so on.

Today, in 2020, world needs immobile v2.

Problem With World Today: Devices And Cloud

We have cool devices, the iPhones, iPads, iWatches, the xBoxes, the Macs and Chromebooks. Windows laptops, and Android phones. The ubiquitous smart TVs.

They are all fucking with us. They have their own corporate interests. Shipping crapware we can’t control, trying to control our data, and listen on us.

Then there is the iCloud, and google photos and drives and Microsoft and dropbox, and the hundred million thousand SAASes and cloud software. The Facebooks and Twitters. The Whatsapps, the Signals, the Telegrams.

Stealing our data, privacy, eyeballs, and then going shutting down when they can’t figure out their shit, taking our data with them.

Immobile Can Save Us All

This hypothetical device, it costs about $1000. It is portable, think a portable changer, with a tiny emergency keyboard/mini display.

What it is our our cloud, all our data lives on it. It has its own few 100GB storage, and slots to hook in the upcoming TB pen drives.

It has two processing modes, the normal, and ultra low power, and its own battery, allowing it to last for weeks in ultra low power, and hours on normal mode.

It has slots to put SIM card, can connect to WIFI, and can act as hotspot for your phone and laptop. And you can connect them with immobile via USB for really fast use cases (eg watching Ultra HD videos).

You use your iPhones and iPads, or MacBooks and chrome books and TVs, but they are nothing but input-output devices for immobile.

Your Software, Your Data, Finally Yours

On this, open spec device that anyone can manufacture, lives all the open source, or otherwise completely local (non homing crap) software for everything you need. FreeBSD is the best operating system, and you want it.

This is an always on, always connected to internet, device, sitting in your laptop bag, home shelf, (ankle strap?).

The local IM connects periodically with all your friends, and other dumb federated relays, to stores things locally. Your photos and documents live on it.

Stop going to app stores and Mac stores, install software on the immobile, and access them via browser, or high speed general purpose display sharing companion apps running on your Mac/iPhone.

All your software, installed on your immobile and accessible on all your devices, windows, Mac, linux, iOS, android, TV, watch.

Power, Internet and Dumb Terminals Is All You Need

With this device in your pocket, you are finally disconnected from the insidious web that all those companies are trying to weave around you, trapping you, sapping you.

Disconnect internet from all your devices other than immobile, let it relay everything, block the crap, the ads, the phoning signals. Use those devices for what are good at: sleek hardware, the keyboards and touch keyboards, the OLED displays, the face. Not they spies they dream to be, the data hoarders, the arcane control over every aspect of your life.

PS: If you ignore the local video aspects, PCC concepts described here is way more interesting.

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