Making Postgres Only Diesel Code To Also Support Sqlite

I am adding local sync support to fifthtry, where in users of fifthtry would be able to keep a local version of content they own, and they can locally edit them, and sync them with server.

Fifthtry itself is written with diesel. This post describes some of the struggles I had to face.

Conditional Compilation

I started with features postgres and sqlite for top level crates.

The crate powering the website worked against postgres where as local binary against sqlite.


realm = {path = "../realm", features=["sqlite", "sqlite_default"]}

fifthtry_common = { path = "../fifthtry_common", features=["sqlite"]}
fifthtry_db = {path = "../fifthtry_db", features=["sqlite"]}

Similarly fifthtry/Cargo.toml activated postgres feature everywhere.

For crates that supported both postgres and sqlite, they had to pass the feature flag to their dependencies based on which feature flag was activated, eg fifthtry_db/Cargo.toml:

default = []
sqlite = ["realm/sqlite", "realm/sqlite_default", "diesel/sqlite"]
postgres = ["realm/postgres", "realm/postgres_default", "diesel/postgres"]

Which is saying if feature “sqlite” for fifthtry_db is activated, activate “sqlite” and “sqlite_default” for “realm” crate, and “sqlite” for “diesel” crate and similar for postgres.

Say Goodbye to cargo check --all

In my workspace I had both fifthtry and fifthtry_local (and crates to support them).

I used to use cargo check --all to check both fifthtry and fifthtry_local. After I added Postgres and sqlite features, I could not use --all as it seems to compile with features postgres and sqlite activated.

Now I check using cargo check; cd fifthtry_local; cargo check -p fifthtry_local; cd -. This has increased overall check time.

Bool Not Supported in Sqlite - Diesel

I had a bunch of columns with datatype Bool, which for some reason do not work with diesel print-schema.

Converted all of them to i32/IntegerField.

citext is postgresql only

I used citext for representing username/team_name on fifthtry.


Timestampz vs Timestamp

Postgres support a column type timestampz, which support timestamp along with timezone information. Sqlite does not, it only has timestamp.

Diesel + Chrono support timestampz on rust side using rust type DateTime<Utc>, where as timestamp to NaiveDateTime.

This posed particular problem, a lot of function used DateTime<Utc> as input and output parameters.

I chose to let the function signatures be, converted the data between DateTime<Utc> and NaiveDateTime before/after passing to diesel.

#[cfg(feature = "sqlite")]
pub fn datetime(d: DateTime<Utc>) -> NaiveDateTime {

#[cfg(feature = "postgres")]
pub fn datetime(d: DateTime<Utc>) -> DateTime<Utc> {

This datetime converter helped me convert DateTime<Utc> to either DateTime<Utc> or NaiveDateTime depending on what I am compiling against.

I got lucky that I had to support only one backend at crate level.

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