Why is diesel not compatible with async?

Say we have an async function, that has more than one async calls:

async fn foo() {

Each of the await is a point where the async task could pause. The design of async in rust allows a task that is awaiting to be moved from one thread to another.

Now diesel uses libpq internally, which comes with this caveat:

One thread restriction is that no two threads attempt to manipulate the same PGconn object at the same time. In particular, you cannot issue concurrent commands from different threads through the same connection object. (If you need to run concurrent commands, use multiple connections.)

So we can not pass connection to a async function that can have more than one await calls.

We can circumvent this maybe by passing around diesel connection pool instead of a connection, and letting each await fetch a connection and then execute the connection.

But this does not work in presence of transactions. For transaction, it is required that same connection be used for each statement in the transaction.

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